Research findings show that our food intake is lacking in a number of essential nutrients, which have to be supplemented through nutritional supplements. Not just to make up for what we're missing, but also to give ourselves an extra health boost and an excellent preventive buffer to ward off disease.
At AMwell we offer not just nutritional supplements, but ENERGIZED nutritional supplements developed from hard science. With the help of science and our proprietary technology, we increase the potency of the ingredients, efficacy of the products and provide you with an effective energetic boost from within.

DNA Switch ON

Hi-Energy Nutritional Supplement

DNA SwitchOn (Dynamic Nutrition Advantage) is the major breakthrough in modern Nutritional Science.  

DNA SwitchOn is a combination of the world’s Best Super Fruits and Vegetables further enhanced by AMized Fusion TechnologyTM, where the ingredients are ENERGIZED to increase potency and efficacy to help us maintain optimum health and to slow down the aging process.

Created as a ‘SUPERFOOD’, AMGenex Dynamic Nutrition Advantage (DNA) is filled with many antioxidant-rich Super fruits and vegetables such as Acai berries, Goji berries, Camu camu, Beetroot, Pomegranate, Wild rosella, Mango, Noni, Luo han guo, Mangosteen, Amalaki, Broccoli Sprout, Tasmanian mountain pepper and Apple Stem Cells  which provide a wide variety of secondary anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients. 

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Nutritional Fiber Mix Beverage

FiberGo is a natural, high quality nutritional fiber mix supplement made of a mix of natural, soluble and insoluble fiber and various nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

FiberGo is the best solution to make up for the fiber deficiency in our diets. Energized with AMized Fusion TechnologyTM for greater efficacy and effectiveness, FiberGo is the ultimate detoxification system that effectively rids your body of accumulated toxins to allow effective digestion and keeps you Energized all the time. 

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Concentrated Collagen 

ViKolla is a revolutionary breakthrough in liquid nutritional supplements! Just a small amount of ViKolla a day is sufficient to cover your basic nutritional needs, giving you the highest possible bodily absorption, and helps keep your Immune system at an optimal state.

Due to its greater bio-availability, the liquid ViKolla goes through the least amount of digestive effort, and is easily and quickly absorbed, thus giving better, faster results which is further enhanced by our proprietary AMized Fusion Technology.
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High Energy & Dietary Drops

ELIQUA a nutritional supplement, specially formulated with keeping in mind today's busy and stressful individuals.

ELIQUA: High Energy & Dietary Drops is a proprietary blend made from clinically proven ingredients to help Individuals have a BOOST of Energy and "burn  their excess fat to convert to additional energy
ELIQUA is packed with Chromium Complex, Yerba Mate, and Green Tea extracts.  All of which are natural appetite suppressants to help control your curb for hunger.
This product will help give you the extra boost of energy you need throughout the day. Boosting energy levels naturally which leads to more fat burning and more activity.

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AMGenex AMsole

High Mineral Concentrate

AMsole: High Mineral Concentrate is a combination of energized water with fully saturated natural Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt harvested from the Himalayan Glaziers.

Research shows that Himalayan Pink Crystal salt is said to contain 84 minerals that are necessary for your health such as macro minerals like calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Calcium is the most common mineral and plays a vital role in nerve and muscle health. In addition, Natural Brine also contains trace minerals like boron, chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc etc.

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