1. Zero Point Field

In the quantum field theory, the vacuum state is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. It includes no physical particles plus, the energy is of ground state. This is also called as Zero Point Energy which is present at a temperature of zero.

As per quantum mechanics, even in the ground state all systems, still maintain fluctuations and have an association with zero-point energy due to their wave-like nature. That is the reason, why a particle cooled down to absolute zero, exhibit some vibrations.

Everything and that too everywhere has a zero point energy. Let's say from particles to electromagnetic field or other type of field, combine them together to acquire the vacuum energy or the energy of all fields in space. That ground state energy of all fields in space is collectively known as Zero Point Field and ZPE is said to be the kinetic energy.

After nanoseconds, the jiggling of sub atomic particles releases energy by method of another virtual photon that returns back to the zero point field. The photon is called a virtual photon as it oscillate from the zero point field and doesn't exist in this materialistic world. It is actually used in the energy exchange between the zero point field and the material world.

2. Understanding Energy

Since everything is energy, even human body also ultimately involves lots of energy. Every atom has electrons, neutrons and protons. Electrons are the sub atomic particles which contain electrical charge and orbit around the atom's nucleus which is formed with a combination of electrons and protons. Thus, in simple words, the energy that runs you- is the energy that runs the whole universe which cannot be created and destroyed as per the scientific law.

A body having no energy is a corpse. Thus, to become a fully healthy person, we must be concerned with the interface that a body only matters when it has energy. Think of steam, water and ice- all of them are same things, but they look and feel different. Our senses perceive them as completely separate things, but in reality they all are same in terms of body, emotion and spirit.

All living things are constituted with bundle of condensed energy variously referred as Chi (China), Ki ((Japan), Manna (Polynesia), Prana (India) and Ruach (Hebrew) and Baraka in Islamic Countries. Talking about the body- it is constituted from limbs> Organs > Tissues > Cells > Molecules > Atoms > Electrons, Neutrons and Protons. Hence the complete functionality of the body is dependable on the basic foundational block called as 'Cell' and 'Energy' in these cells.

3. Energetic Being

Energy is information in vibration. A Unique energy has distinctive vibrations, These vibrations (frequencies) have a coherence effect on every other energies. Water, Oxygen, Vitamin D. C, E, Minerals, Vitamins, Thoughts, and Love are some examples of vibrational energy (frequencies) with unique characteristics.

Energy, rhythm, pulse, heat, vibration, ebb and movement all these things constitute life and without these things you are dead. At the cellular level of the body of a living being, the main chemical processes are almost similar, if not identical. In the human body, the hereditary information is encoded in a specific sequence of bases that forms the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule which is present in the nucleus of the cell.

Energetic beings follow holistic approach that looks beyond the physical to manipulating the subtle energy systems which includes meridians, auric bodies, chakras and meridians (nadis) where actually the diseases are located. When a person is in optimum state of mind, he will experience:-

BE Well, so that

FEEL Well, so that

THINK Well, so that

DO Well, so that


Thus, all the aspects- physical, mental, and emotional are stored as patterns in the energy field called as aura and it should work perfectly without any hindrance to remain in good spirits.

4. Human Energy Field

The "aura" or "human energy field" is the field of energy which surrounds the body. Also, it underlies and supports the whole functionality of the body. The energetic aspects of the structure and function of the body along with all the feelings that we experience such as thoughts, states of consciousness, physical sensations and much more are contained within the aura. The energy travels from the fine meridian channels known as nadis which are themselves composed of energy. The points where several nadis cross each other is known as energy centers or chakras, which are major hubs to direct the energy. Chakras are also responsible for vitalizing the nerves and glands, and ultimately whole structure of the body.

So, we may conclude that aura is the energy field which surrounds the whole body. The appearance of the aura can be repulsive or attractive which solely depends on the physical health, mental attitude and spiritual development. The human energy field is the dynamic matrix which includes physical, emotional and mental-spiritual aspects of inner-self. The contributing factors in our daily life results in the change of aura and resultantly everyone is different from each other.

5. Imbalance, Distortions and Diseases.

With some exceptions, impairment in the body does not appear overnight. Problems or dysfunction tends to come slowly and many a times we often overt signs that mark loss of health. However, there are three reasons behind the disharmony, those are:

  1. Lack of Energy
  2. Energy Blockages & Imbalances
  3. Energy Disturbances


A healthy human cell usually emits between 70 -90 milli volts, but adult's emission is restrained to 40- 50 milli-volts. Resultantly, humans are lacking energy may be due to climatic influences, geographic influences, social and life influences. This lack of energy causes stress, depression, lack of rest and tiredness.

Besides the lifestyle stresses, we (humans) have to suffer from mental, emotional and spiritual stresses that results in energetic blockages and disharmonies which will affect the vibration patterns and performance of the bio-field and may also damage or distort the bio-field.

When the aura is distorted or damaged, it will be unable to function at optimum conditions thereby, natural energy is not received. This is where Energetic wellness products come into effective to aid all your imbalances, distortions and diseases.

6.The Amazing Healing Ability in Human

Each second, the cells in our bodies are endlessly working to bring us back to the natural state known as homeostasis or equilibrium. Each cell is dynamic in nature and constantly adjusts its own processes to maintain balance within the body. Cell has an amazing ability to heal themselves and make new cells to replace those who have been permanently damaged or destroyed.

The cellular healing process is all about creating a proper harmony in the mind, body and soul. If we feel good, our cells have a healthy vibration and generate more identical cells. But in case, the cell is under-charged with negative energy, it replicates the same negatively charged cells. Thus, it is important to feel good to interrupt the disease cycle and return to its natural state of balance.

When you are injured, white blood cells (WBC's) ooze out from the site to destroy and digest dead cells by secreting special enzymes stored in the cells known as lysosomes. In case of bone break, bone cells known as osteoblasts kick into action to weave the rough edges back together. In our body, there are so many cells assisting us in healing the ailments that we never bring in our count and these cells perform their duties dexterously. Thus, we can say that our body knows how to correct and heal itself.

For the healing process, our body requires:

  • The restoration of the Bio-field to bridge the gap between physical body and universal life force energy.
  • Enough energy in the cell as weak cells may not be able to effectively combat the illness.
  • The conservation of energy facilitates the healing process.


Most of the healing approaches better known as Bio-field energy healing claims to use subtle energy to stimulate the healing of the body for reducing the intensity of the pain in several conditions (physical), reducing anxiety (mental disorders) and reducing spiritual disorders. Some modalities that fall in this area are Reiki, Quantum-Touch, QiGong, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch. The basic principle behind these healing process is that a practitioner manipulates the healing energy and transfers the energy to the client for quick healing.

However, there are few areas of concerns in these practices as the practitioner can be "influenced" by the negative energy or the client and conversely.

AFT Quantum Healing

AFT Quantum healing also known as Zero Point healing refers to the quantum healing which leverages Energized products without any interference or manipulations of any individual. Just like using the light therapy for light energy and music or sound therapies for sound, AFT healing is based on ENERGIZED products that works at Zero Point Field. Universal Life Force Energy is available in our environment, but because of energy imbalance or blockages, Bio-field is unable to source energy from the environment.

Zero Point Energy is basically the lowest possible energy a quantum mechanical physical system has. It is the energy of its ground state at absolute zero temperature. There are few fluctuations at the ground state which are associated as Zero Point Energy as a result of wave like nature. The ENERGIZED products available at AMwell bridge the gap to source the Universal Life Force Energy from the environment. The best aspect is that AFT healing products avoid the negative influence or manipulation of the facilitator that may affect the client and vice versa.

With the help of sourced energy from the environment, the Bio-field is able to correct the imbalances and restore the balance state which will increase the energetic resonance of atoms, empower the cells to optimum performance and create a better flow of energy throughout the body.

AFT healing not only supports healing but also strengthens energy and performance level. Additionally, it expands the intuitiveness, creativeness, mental awareness, memory, critical thinking and managing stress. The AFT Energized products enhance your ability to remain at optimum state all along.

The below image shows the GDV comparative image (front view) of a male subject before and after use of AFT products & Healing. The centre image shows before AFT and right image shows after AFT use.

The below image shows the GDV comparative image (side view) of a male subject before and after use of AFT products & Healing. The centre image shows before AFT and right image shows after AFT use.

The below image shows the GDV comparative chakra positions image of a male subject before and after use of AFT products & Healing. The lined circle images show the position of the Chakras before AFT and the bright colored image shows the position of the Chakras after AFT use.


The basic concept behind AFT Quantum Healing is the Law of Resonance. Our ENERGIZED products resonate Life Force Energy that allows a human being to become more tuned with the Direct Current which is extremely beneficial for us and protects against the negative influences. This helps us to stay away from the harmful ACs which often accumulates in the body and our body will flow it downwards to the Earth.

Simultaneously, our body will allow us to absorb the healing energy which will help us to protect ourselves against the damages inflicted. However, EMFs caused by the AC grid may cause subliminal stress and these products will help you gain a protection from EMF's ensuring your main cause of stress is exterminated.

Despite the technological advances and scientific progresses, we have not yet conquered three of the major health crisis in our society which is due to energy transference. They are stress induced arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and Depression which are basically caused and exacerbated by the fact that three different ions are governing the functionality of the cells- potassium, lithium and calcium which are secreted from the cells and distributed to the entire body which should never happen.

The movement of Calcium is responsible for arthritis which is a disease that destroys the quality of life of many people no matter what the age is. The excessive secretion of potassium from the cells is the major cause of Alzheimer's disease which is liable for progressive mental deterioration along with several other mental functions. Other than that loss of Lithium from the cells is the major cause of depression and manic behavior which is controlled by hormone levels. All these insidious diseases are basically caused by the occurrence of EMF all around us and can be prevented by the EMF protection devices.

Moreover, AFT Energized products also help in several other ways like it can increase your resilience to the stress in the daily life and it will empower the functioning capacity to combat the effects in the EMF inundated environment constantly.


At AMwell, you will find plethora of AFT Energized Products with specific healing therapy tools and proper training to facilitate every individual with self-care and self-healing which is known as AFT Quantum Healing.

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