Why do people get sick?
An Apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a simple saying that holds some truth but then also we all fall sick. Wellness is a great wealth which can be harnessed with well-rounded diet, exercise, proper rest, better immune system and much more.

If you are not following one or combined factors, then it may set you on the road toward diseases and once you begin your journey, it can be an overwhelming and daunting experience and perhaps keep you going down the road.

To have a better understanding of sickness, we first need to understand the "make up" of a human body.

What is A Bio-energetic Field?

The entire universe consists of several energy and fields thereby living organism also possess a field of its own. Our human body is nothing but a set of condensed energy made up by more than 70 trillion cells. Combination of cells results in tissues, tissues then collectively are called as organs and then they form a human body. However, when we break down the cells, molecules will be garnered which are finally made up of atoms. These atoms are powered by Electrons, Protons and Neutrons which holds a form of energy

"Everything in and around us is energy. Even our emotions and thoughts are made up of energy"

The westerners call it Life Force and easterners call it Chi, which is a biological message field present with birth. Every living organism has a unique biological field which is known as "Bio Photon Field" (commonly known as the Bio-energetic Field) or the SOEF (Subtle Organizing Energy Field). This field is like a protective covering over the body. In other words, human bio-energetic field has atomic structure as the center originates in waves and radiation is formed. It is actually a means and the realms of exchanging information with the environment. Thereby, if we want to be healthy, we definitely need healthy bio-energetic field without any distortions.

No matter, how we grow, our lifestyle and environment forces us to suffer from several ailments and as a result, cellular emission is dropped to 40 to 50 milli volts which is a key to many pains and discomforts.

Disruptions in the Bioenergetic Field

Our busy life schedule and contaminated environment are the two main disruptions in the energy fields that affect the quality of bio-energetic field. Moreover, the quantity and quality of nutrients, amount of sleep and the mental and physical stress, all of them are taking a toll on the body and lowering the quality of our bio-energetic field.

As a result, these disruptions have reduced the energy levels in each cell which makes us fall sick and experience various ailments.


Can I avoid this loss of energy by living healthy, eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy environments?

Eventually, for several people there is no sure-shot formula to totally avoid the loss of energy even if they inculcate all good habits in their lives like healthy diet, sleeping early and maintaining a distance from unhealthy environments. If you seriously want to acquire a better quality of bio-energetic field, you must avoid the electrical appliances and gadgets that are responsible for high convenience in our lives.

aft03.png aft02.png

What Is AFT And How Does It Work?
How do we move from a distorted energetic state to a fully energized state?
The answer is AFT Quantum Energy Products.

AMized Fusion Technology is a process that energizes the products of AMwell to resonate the Zero Point Field Energy. In AMized Fusion Technology process: First of all, products are cleaned from any negative contaminants and then they are charged in the vacuum chamber for over 21 days on a set frequency. Amalgamating the innate ability of the human body and the incredible Zero Point Field Energy Resonance, both will transform our energetic distortions, disruptions and disorders into energetic empowerment, protection and wellness.

After 25 years of research and clinical experiments, our R&D team of international experts in their own fields such as scientists, doctors and physicists discovered that it is possible to apply the revolutionary principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics to develop the exceptional, exclusive Resonance Technology. During the process, the products are energized to resonate strong and balanced healthy bioenergetics field to replace the weak and imbalanced field to help the body to return to homeostasis condition by clearing all the distortions.


"Sounds fancy and seems powerful," you may say. But what exactly is it?

With the aim of better understanding of AFT, let us first have a sneak peek what exactly is Zero Point Energy?

Zero Point Energy is a Kinetic Energy that is resonated by almost every organic substance. It is the source energy of all living organism.


How Can We Use Zero Point Energy For Better Health?

The human being is totally made up of energy.

biofield.pngAccording to physicists, subatomic particles behave like energy and radiate energy. Like, radio transmitters which transmit specific patterns called waves in the surroundings similarly, every person also emit waves of different frequencies, as unique as fingerprints. These waves forms Bio-energetic Field which is the concept beyond the perception of five senses.

As per the biochemists, they have discovered that the energy which regulates and controls the body is basically quantum energetic fields instead of biochemistry. Contrary to the popular belief, several processes in the body like metabolic processes, hormone production and several others are controlled and coordinated with energy centers present in the body.

Moreover, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, all are made up of energy. When the same energy field gets distorted either due to weakness of internal energy or the impact of external pressure like stress or radiation, there is a disruption in the flow of energy. That is the main reason behind the imbalance or disorders which take the actual form of minor physical symptoms that later on become diseases.

According to researchers, energy imbalances or blockages that occur in the bio-energetic field are due to external exposures such as trauma, stress, abuse, deficiencies, faulty nutrition, auto-intoxication and immune dysfunction which pose a great threat on the energy field of the human body.

In case a human body do not have natural health sustaining field, then body cannot withstand viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and heavy metals. This is where Zero Point Energy comes into play for the wellbeing of the body. This energy not only empowers the bio-energetic field but also sustains our energy and fortifies our energy centers. Besides that, Zero Point Field Energy has leverage to clear the energy blockages in the centers which may cause problems such as aches, pains and other discomforts. Additionally, Zero Point Field Energy is essential for healing the body.

How Can We Begin To Use A Breakthrough Quantum Technology Like AFT?

Our body gets energy from the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe and from Bio-energetic field. That is how, our unique AMized Fusion Technology works to lend Zero Point Field Energy from our wide array of products such as AMWand, AMPendant, AMGenex, Brine, EGA True and many more.

These products work like a MEDIUM to propel more Zero Point Energy in the body to procure self-healing and self-care process. It will harmonize and balance all aspects of our dimensions including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

In a nutshell, it implies that the revolutionary AFT eradicates the need of visiting medical doctors again and again by offering abundant energy and support to your body cells to naturally correct and rejuvenate itself. Perhaps, our body own innate intelligence of channelizing the Life Force Energy which is received from AMwell's AFT products, specifically at the points, where it is required utmost.

Over a short interval of time, it will aid cell rejuvenation which will enhance the inner vitality due to the fact that when the body is balanced energetically, wellness will be improved naturally.



In order do that, all AMwell products go through a 3 step AMized Fusion TechnologyTM process that make them UNIQUE, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE:



AFT Healing Before & After Results


What Sort Of Health Benefits Does This Translate To?

  • Within few months, you will automatically look and feel 5-10 years younger

    as AMwell AFT products slow down skin aging and improve skin rejuvenation to promote elasticity, tone and luminosity etc. It helps in improving the blood circulation, metabolism, and provides abundant energy to organ to function at its optimum level which subsequently helps to burn fats, eliminates toxins and reduce cellulite.

  • Ease Arthritis pains, aches and ailments

    associated with arthritis: It provides pain relief from fibromyalgia, shoulder aches, migraines, headaches, injury pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel pain, shingles, back ache and muscle ache through the elimination of energetic blocks, clearing of chakra energy distortions and rejuvenation of bio energy fields in the body system.

  • Increased vitality, strength and energy levels and enjoyment of an overall improvement to the body's well-being and productivity as the energy and blood circulation improves with the use of AMwell AFT products.

  • Speedy recovery and healing after suffering from muscle fatigue, muscle aches, wounds, surgical operation and traumas.
To cut the long story short, AFT products facilitate our body by removing
  1. Energy imbalance

  2. Energy blockages

These products will protect you from the electromagnetic radiation like e-smog to assure that the bio-energetic field works in the optimum condition. Also, you will feel noticeable improvement in the health because products will improve immunity which is correlated to the increase and balance of energy levels in the body's bio-field.