At AMwell.Biz, we trust in the Universal Life Force Energy to move onto the realm of Energy Healing. Applying the own proprietary technology ie AMized Fusion Technology based on the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics in our products, we are the ONLY organization with the ability to energize products such as jewelry, nutritional products and household products. These innovative products and its zero point resonance will help your body to restore its natural state which will impose tremendous positive effect on the body.

Everyone will agree with this fact that if you want to enjoy the life to the fullest, optimum state of wellness is imperative at every moment in life. Thus, we only follow the approach of energetic wellness which includes self-care and self-healing. As a result, Bio-energy field will automatically access Zero-point Life force energy from the surroundings and restore the energy deficiency to bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into harmony.

Hence, we have amalgamated top three trends- E-commerce (Online Marketing), Direct Sales and Energetic Wellness to craft a global opportunity for everyone. Our mission is achieved through our valuable partners including Independent Executives, Consultants, Stockiest and Retailers. Thus we work as a team to bring to you products that promote our principle- Energetic Wellness.

Our exclusive AMized Fusion Technology can channel the life force energy to improve the quality of life and enhance the inner vitality. We have plethora of innovative and superior quality products and tools which are absolutely amazing.

Hence, we can say that AMwell is a global family where everyone strives to achieve one single goal- to make this world an amazing place for everyone- present and generations beyond.

AMwell is a subsidiary of Amega Global LLC (also known as Amega and Eamega) a manufacturing consortium established in 2005 registered in Delaware, USA . The parent company is responsible for technology innovations, product developments and manufacturing.

Since our inception, AMwell's highly professional corporate team, we have believed in offering our customers with something best and have never settled for mediocre. Our AMwell's corporate team has over 100 years of combined experience in different fields which has resulted in different strengths. Moreover, our dedicated squad of professionals are committed to offer our associates with the way to enjoy great health and achieve financial goals while living your dreams in real life.

Our Mission

AMwell's mission is to be the World Leader in Energetic Wellness, by innovating, developing and distributing high quality ENERGIZED Wellness products and Energetic Therapies to promote Energetic Wellness (Self-Care & Self - Healing)

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish AMwell.Biz as a household reliable name for Energetic Wellness products and Services.Through the strong partnership with our Independent Executives/Consultants/Stockiest and Retailers we aim to create a profitable business for ALL with amazing results and satisfactions for our customers.

AMwell Values

  • We value and respect the universal law of nature and energy.
  • We value and respect the people in the field and our partnership with them.
  • We value total wellness and self-care as primary factors of life.
  • We value the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • We value honesty, integrity and forthright communication.

AMwell Beliefs

  • We believe that energetic wellness is not a WANT but a MUST for an empowered life.
  • We believe that we are building a business that will last beyond our generation.
  • We believe that wisdom is a gift we have to enhance in our lives.
  •  believe that by empowering our energy and enhancing our performance, we enrich our lives and the lives of those we touch.

Our Principle Company: Amega Global LLC

Amega Global Group is a manufacturing and technology consortium who research on Quantum resonance and develop energetic wellness products starting in year 2004. The group established Amega Global LLC registered in Delaware, USA with its global Hq in Singapore. 

Amega Global with its proprietary technology: AMized Fusion Technology has the ability to ENERGIZED products to resonate at Zero Point Field. All products regardless of where they are manufactured, goes thru a highly secretive  21 days ENERGIZATION process in its own premises.