A review of the health effects due to relative humidity in indoor environments, suggests that humidity can affect occurrences of respiratory infections and allergies. A 2013 study showed that increased humidity levels of 43 % or above had significantly prevented the transmission of influenza virus an other infectious agents. In fact, in a low humidity environment, 70-77 % of viruses could transmit the disease. But when humidity was increased to 43 % or higher, that number dropped to nearly 14 %.

AMair H + : An indoor Aroma Humidifier or sometimes called a vaporizer, provides a water mist which increases moisture in the air. They are used during the dry winter months, in humid climates when the heat source is on, and in arid climates sometimes year round.

Most of our homes, rooms and offices are operated with air-conditioners and heaters , which have low humidity levels. Studies show that the common cold , cough and flu are contracted in a closed, low humidity level environment. 

The AMair H+ put moisture back into the air . These ultrasonic aroma diffusers and humidifiers are BPA-free as well as stylish , elegant , and works with warm purified water. It is suitable for small spaces because it does not disperse a great quantity of oil. It is a perfect choice for your home, office , child's room , and spas. The AMair H+ gives off ultra-fine mist and suitable to be added with EGA Energized Aroma Blends. The LED lights rotate in 6 soothing colors of red, purple, green , and blue. It can be operated with or without lights and can also be used as a night-light. The diffuser automatically shuts off when the tank runs out of water. The tank holds 180 mL (6 ounces) of water and wi ll cover an area up to 250-square feet for up to 4 hours.

Energized Ega Aroma Blends

The AMair H+ comes with your choice of 3 Ega Aroma Blends. These are NOT ordinary essential oils , but Natural Aroma Blends , energized with AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) to resonate at zero point energy resonance to enhance your energetic quantum. The Ega Aroma Blends are specially formulated with a combination of organic herbal extracts to "stimulate" and "trigger" the right sense of mental, emotional and physical balance.

Refer to Ega Aroma Blends for more details.


AMair H+ Benefits

Most of us do not breathe properly due to stress and depression. Lack of oxygen in the blood and brain are one of the major causes for illness. Our body's innate intelligence recognizes the subtle energy resonating from AMair H+ subconsciously and it helps improve breathing. AMair H+ Ega Aroma Blends help reduce inflammation and congestion in clogged airways to make breathing easier and supply enough oxygen to the blood and brain.

Ward Off Illness

Using an AMair H+ in your home or office is a great way to keep cold , flu and other nasty illnesses at bay by working on three levels. First , its special Ega Aroma Blends are powerfully anti-microbial. When introduced into the air in vapor form, the organic compounds within the oils come into direct contact with airborne pathogens before they can invade your body. Second , Ega Aroma Blends can also be used to boost the immune system, Last but not least, it will help to keep your airways moist and healthy so that you are less susceptible to microbes in your body.

AMair H+ helps to create the right ambiance to focus, relax, meditate and sleep, With the right combination of Ega Aroma blends you can " ENERGIZE" yourself and others to the right mood, AMair H+ with Ega Aroma blends is the easiest and the longest-lasting way to ENHANCE your mood and spirit.  

Supports Healing & Speedy Recovery


The key to your wellness lies in your energetic quantum; meaning your physical sickness is a direct reflection of your energetic system, The energetic resonance of the AMair H+ with the combination of right Ega Aroma blends supports the energetic level to cleanse , heal. balance and rejuvenate the body, Hence AMair H+ is highly recommended for spas,hospitals and hotels alike.

Anti-Stress & Anti-Aging

The energetic resonance from the AMair H+ helps eliminate negative energy, ill thoughts , harmful frequencies and oxidative stress in the environment. Furthermore, it's resonance constantly energizes us, cleanses our bio-field (aura) and helps us maintain our energy in a "stress free" state.


AMair H+ with the right Ega Aroma Blends is a highly effective way to super-charge your brain cells. This effect works on multiple levels. First , the Ega Aroma Blends have adaptogenic qualities - meaning that they are soothing when you're stressed, but also rejuvenate you when you are feeling sluggish. By level ing out your mood, the oils in the air will help you to gain mental focus. The Ega Aroma Blends have the powerful ability to balance the body's hormones. These blends when regularly used can actually help heal the underlying causes responsible for hampering the cognitive functions.

Softer, more vibrant skin. 


Cold, dry air saps moisture from your skin causing all kinds of problems, including dryness,dullness, flaking and accelerated aging. AMair H+ can help prevent all these damaging effects while helping you maintain that glowing and vibrant skin.

Direction of Use:-

Place the AMair H+ on a tabletop or shelve top, detach the water reservoir, open the cap below and add water (purified or distilled water).close the cap and mount it back to the base. Complete with 3 - 5 drops of EGA Aroma Blend to the Aroma Oil/Blend chamber.

Change water when you change the Aroma Blend.

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