AMIon Energized Pet Band

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Give Your Pet Better Health with the AMIon Pet Band

Constructed with a titanium-germanium mixed silicon band, AMIon Pet Band perpetually releases negative ions safely and naturally whilst removing excess positive ions from the body. 

Further energized and enhanced through AMized Fusion Technology (AFT)AMIon brings your pet's body back to optimal balance by helping it clear its energy blockages. 

Suitable for pets of all sizes, the AMIon Pet Band comes in 3 different sizes. Comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, the classic and durable piece is definitely a worthwhile investment for your favorite pets! 

Benefits :
1. Pain relief for pets
2. Better behavior due to mood improvement
3. Speed up the healing process in the event of injury or trauma
4. Increased vitality, strength, flexibility, and energy levels
5. Improved immunity
6. Enhanced quality of rest

Available in 3 Sizes:  

Item Name : AMIon Energized Sports Pet Band Large
Item Code : AEB-PB1001L
Specification : 50.8cm / 20 inches 

Item Name : AMIon Energized Sports Pet Band Medium
Item Code : AEB-PB1001M
Specification : 40.7cm / 16 inches 

Item Name : AMIon Energized Sports Pet Band Small
Item Code : AEB-PB1001SM
Specification : 30.5cm / 12 inches     



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