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KI Pendant – Ceramic Energy Balancing Pendant

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The KI Pendant was created as an easy way to make us healthier by protecting our bodies from electromagnetic fields and returning our bodies to optimum balance.Wearing the Ki Pendant reorganizes distortions in our Bio-Field caused by oxidative stress and bad lifestyle habits. Acting like an antenna on a radio, the Ki Pendant helps our body to source the Universal Life Force Energy from the environment and our body's innate intelligence would channel the energy to the areas where it is most needed to cleanse, recharge and rejuvenate.

Manufactured with a special fusion of natural ceramic and negative ion powder (front) with a stainless steel back cover. The KiPendant encompasses 14 different monatomic substances which include minerals, crystals, and elements like gold, silver, etc, that are fused together, enhanced with the latest AFT quantum resonance technology to resonate at Zero Point Energy Field. The KiPendant also emits Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays (FIR) triggered from our body heat.


  1. Assist in harmonizing your Mental, Emotional, and Physical quantum.
  2. Assist in supporting and strengthening the Bio-Energy Field
  3. Helps to clear the energy blockages and imbalances
  4. Helps to increases vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels
  5. Assist in supporting the Thymus Gland in strengthening the immune system
  6. Helps to enhances quality of rest and reduction of stress
  7. Assist in protection against E-SMOG, Oxidative Stress, and Negative Energies.
  8. Assist in relief and fast recovery from aches, pain, and discomfort.

**Hues of the pendant may vary due to the natural material.
(Complimentary stainless steel chain included)

2 Colors Available : Yellow and Black Natural Ceramic colors

Size: Diameter: 1.5 inch / 33 mm, Thickness: 0.35 inch / 8 mm

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Black Ceramic Color
Yellow Ceramic Color

$399.00 $298.00

Discount: 25%


Ki Pendant: Ceramic Energy Pendant 

Our body is surrounded by a bio energy field that some call our "aura". Unfortunately for us, our busy lives today are laden with stress, lethargy and pollution of the air, water, lifestyle and even environment. The increased exposure to electrical and artificial environment such as our smart phones, wifi, air-conditioning, television, laptops and tablets means we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields (esmog), oxidative stress and negative frequencies that upsetting the natural energy balance within. These factors upsets our natural rhythm and weakens our Bio-Field, leading to an energy deficiency, energy blockages, and imbalance in our body which causes various dis-comfort, poor performance and dis-orders.


The KiPendant are being programmed to resonate at Zero point Field resonance. When these products come in contact with our Bio-Field, our innate intelligence is able to detect the universal source resonance and entrain to use the resonance of the energy products to "act” as a bridge or as an antenna to source the universal life force energy from the environment.Just like: being in a room and NOT hearing any sound, get a radio and start tuning the channels and now you can hear hundreds of radio channels which you can’t hear without the radio. The KiPendant also emits Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays (FIR) triggered from our body heat.


With the abundance of life force energy from the environment the Bio-Field is able to clear its distortions, and amplify the body’s ability to heal itself. 


Wearing the KiPendant daily not only strengthen our Bio-Field, but also our mental, emotional and physical quantum, thereby bringing our body to equilibrium, thus relieving us of our health related issues. As it reorganizes our bioenergetic field, our body cells will receive and resonate with the zero-point energy from the pendant and channel it to the areas where it is most needed. When imbalances are cleared and energy is realigned, our body returns to a natural state of complete balance. 

The key importance of wearing the KiPendant is, its Energetic Vibrations Sync with the Heart Chakra which is aligned with the Thymus Gland. The Thymus Gland builds resistances for combating diseases and helps in one's physical development. It plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system.


The KiPendant should be worn in a manner where the Pendant rest on the top of the Heart Chakra as this position is known as 'Assemblage Point" of the Energy vortex. This allows the expansion and strengthening of our Bio-Field and helps us to be more "centered" and "grounded". In the positions the Kipendant maintains the optimum condition of the Heart Chakra, which in-turn supports the Thymus Gland optimum function.

The KiPendant are manufactured and ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary quantum technology to resonate at Zero Point Energy. This proprietary process includes the KiPendant going thru a 21 Days "charging" process in our very own vacuum chamber. 





The "Ki” To Good Health, Vitality And Youthfulness!

Manufactured with a special fusion of natural ceramic and negative ion powder (front) with a stainless steel back cover. The KiPendant encompasses 14 different monatomic substances which includes minerals, crystals and elements like gold, silver, etc, that are fused together, enhanced with the latest AFT quantum resonance technology to resonate at Zero Point Field.  


  • Cleansing and energy balancing
  • Relief of mental and emotional stress 
  • Healing fatigue, tiredness and stress 
  • Keeping us active and energized

Negative Ions And Good Health

According to Fred Soyka, author of the book, The Ion Effect "... based on 5,000+ scientific documents that have been published regarding negative ion studies, all support the conclusion that an overload of negative ions seems to be beneficial”.

Other than giving our body many positive health benefits like assisting in preventing respiratory diseases, improving sleep patterns and protecting  the body from toxic chemicals, constant contact with negative ions also help to improve performance, increase stamina and even lift our spirits and reduce stress.

The Ki Pendant works with light energy and your body heat to encourage the production and restoration of negative ions that may have been lost due to your environment and actions.

Our lifestyles expose the human body to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment, chemicals, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. The negative - charge ion from the Ki Pendant will help in blood purification, and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body. This also achieves muscle relieving effects as well as reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Negative ions also have a huge impact on the metabolism of our cells. Wearing the Ki Pendant means having more negative ions in our body. The body's metabolism process is enhanced and there is increased efficiency, thus making us less susceptible to sickness and delaying our aging process.

Far Infrared Rays And Improved Blood Circulation

The ceramic powder and germanium within the pendant also helps to release far infrared energy which helps to keep the body warm and increase the body’s metabolic rate.

That means the simple act of wearing the pendant may give your body the benefits of exercise without you moving a muscle!

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is an element of sun light and a form of energy wave. The wavelength contains extremely low energy (4 μm to 1,000 μm) and thus causes no harm to the human body. FIR can travel as deep as 4 to 10 centimeters from human skin and thus warming the body from inside out.

FIR from the Ki Pendant creates a resonance with the water molecules in our body, improving blood circulation.

When Far Infrared Rays are absorbed into the various organs of the human body, it activates, revitalizes, develops and strengthens them. It also increases temperature under the skin as well as promotes micro circulatory flow within the human body, thus improving one’s overall health condition.




Benefits Of Wearing The Energized KiPendant

  1. Supports in sourcing the Life Force Energy, strengthening the Bio-Field to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate energy imbalance and blockages.

  2. Wearing the AMPedant alignments of all Chakras and allow the person to be more "Centered" and "Grounded" which results in a more confident, composed and positive personality 

  3. May increase vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels, thus allowing us to enjoy an overall improvement to our body's well-being and productivity in all mental, emotional and physical quantum.

  4. Support in the optimum function of the Thymus Gland for better immune system management.

  5. Helps to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, mental weakness, uncertainty, low self-esteem and negative feelings and emotions

  6. Protects from harmful Oxidative stress life e-smog, EMF, Radiations, Pollutions, and all other negative energies.

  7. Helps to strengthen your personal vibrations, identity, thought process and personality.

  8. May enhance quality of rest and sleep by wearing it to bed. The AMPendants help our body to relax, thus helping us to fall asleep quickly and allowing us to go into deeper rest during our sleep hours

Ki Pendant is available in two colors- black and yellow. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The KI Pendant

What is the difference between the AMPendant And Ki Pendant?
The pendants have similar functions; however the KI Pendant is made out of slightly different materials and is encased in a ceramic shell while the AMPendant is encased in a titanium shell. The ceramic shell releases higher resonance and thus allows the KI Pendant to work better in a shorter possible time. The KI Pendant is also somewhat more powerful because it releases both negative ions and FIR. AMWell seeks to provide both types of energetic pendants in order to meet all budgets and needs of the various individuals. If you are looking for faster results and a more contemporary look, the KI Pendant is probably more suitable for you.

Why do I see everyone wearing the pendant with a long necklace?
Most people will wear the KI Pendant in a long necklace with the pendant hanging over their hearts for a special reason. The KI Pendant was designed to sit the whole day right at our thymus gland. The thymus gland is in charge of producing and processing lymphocytes or T cells. Lymphocytes are White Blood Cells (WBCs) which are the body’s immune system and protect the body by producing antibodies that stop the invasion of foreign agents, bacteria and viruses. These cells also ensure the proper functioning of the body system and look after the wear and tear of the organs. In addition, the thymus gland is also responsible for producing important hormones such as thymosin and thymopoietin, which are very important to our body. It will also energize the heart and energy circulatory channels, and ensures that circulation in your energetic field is always smooth.

I already have an AMWand, do I still need a KI Pendant?
The KI Pendant and AMWand work well together and actually complement each other. Wanding the AMPendant enhances the effect of the pendant when you use it. Using the KI Pendant while wanding or carrying it beside you will also speed up the results. This is why most of our customers choose to own both the energetic pendants and the wand.

How long does the KI Pendant's effect on people, animals, and plants last after you remove it?

The lasting effect of the KI Pendant on the subject depends primarily on exposure to other elements and pollutants such as emog [Electro Magnetic Frequencies, and Harmful Radiation etc]. ** Electro smog (esmog) is the invisible electromagnetic radiation resulting from the use of both wireless technology and main electricity.

Customer Reviews

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Sep 04, 2016

Can't explain but it definitely works!
I bought this pendant as a gift for my mom who is turned 72. She is suffering from varies old age issues. She loved it when she got it, and after few days I started noticing her memory is improving, her walking improves and she is more energetic.

Brenda Miller, Sydney, New South Wales, AU

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Oct 29, 2015

Love and Feel the Energy
I feel the energy instantly after wearing.
I m more active and energetic with the Ki Pendant.
Also an attention seeker, everyone is attracted to the Ki Pendant

Jasmine Lee, brisbane, queensland, AU

106 of 218 people found this review helpful.   Was this review helpful? [ Yes ] [ No ]


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