Black Vita Flask

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The Vita Flask  is a conveniently-sized, yet stylish sports-like bottle energized using the proprietary AMized Fusion Technology TM (AFT).

Excellent for cold and room temperature drinks the Vita Flask will keep you going all day and well into the night.

Capacity: Stores 20 oz/600 ml of liquid

- Energizes beverages with AFT with an energized coil located inside the Vita Flask 
- Resonates at Zero-Point Energy
- Conveniently sized to take anywhere
- Enjoy water with added zing of energy and remain hydrated at all times

**Use for cold liquids only. Hot liquids will cause the outer container to become too hot to hold and could cause burns.

**Prolonged exposure to liquids other than water, like juices with pulp, may cause the inside to stain and be difficult to clean. Limit the time that these liquids are stored in the Vita Flask.

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