AMGenex Natural Brine Twin Pack

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Bottle Contains 1 oz ( 30ml )

Natural Brine is a combination of water energized with AMized Fusion Technology and naturally occurring Himalayan Salt Crystals that contain 84 trace elements. Himalayan salts are known to have a wealth of health benefits to the body.



1. Assist in natural occurring trace minerals; not synthetic

2. Assist in replacing minerals missing from most diets

3. Assist in looking and feeling younger

4. May relief from pains, aches and ailments

5. May increased vitality , strength, flexibility and energy levels

7. Assist in noticeable improvement in health due to improved immunity and better balance within the body.

8. Assist in detoxification of heavy metals in our body

9.Assist in improvement of mood and emotional well being and raising sexual libido



Add 6-10 drops to a glass of pure water and drink it on empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.


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