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AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant

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The Titanium AMPendant Universe: Is an AFT Quantum Energy Pendant that resonates at Zero Point Field which helps us to protect our Bio-Field from the harmful lifestyle and environmental stresses (Oxidative Stress).

Wearing the AMPendant Universe reorganizes distortions in our Bio-Energetic Fields caused by pollution and bad lifestyle habits. Acting like an antenna on a radio, the AMPendant Universe helps our body to source the Universal Life Force energy and channel it to the areas where it is most needed to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate.

Exclusively designed and manufactured using 14 monoatomic natural minerals, crystal and monatomic elements which include Gold, Silver, Diamond Dust that are encased in a titanium case, the AMPendant Universe is ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion TechnologyTM (AFT), a proprietary quantum resonance technology to resonate at Zero Point Energy Resonance.


  1. Assist in harmonizing your Mental, Emotional, and Physical quantum.
  2. Assist in supporting and strengthening the Bio-Energy Field
  3. Helps to clear the energy blockages and imbalances
  4. Helps to increases vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels
  5. Assist in supporting the Thymus Gland in strengthening the immune system
  6. Helps to enhances quality of rest and reduction of stress
  7. Assist in protection against E-SMOG, Oxidative Stress, and Negative Energies
  8. Assist in relief and fast recovery from aches, pain, and discomfort.
Metal: Titanium  
Diameter: 40 mm  
Thickness: 6 mm  

The AMPendant comes with a complementary 20-inch stainless steel chain.

Available in 4 colors: Silver Plated / 22k Gold Plated / Rose Gold Plated / Black Enamel Plated

AMpendant Silver AMpendant Gold AMpendant Rose Gold AMpendant Black



Polish Rose Gold Plated Finish
Polish Silver Plated Finish
Polish 22K Gold Plated Finish
Polish Black Enamel Finish

$389.00 $289.00

Discount: 26%


We are a "bundle" of condensed energy resonating at a very special personal vibration. Everything in and around us is Energy.

Every person has a unique energy system. Our thoughts we have, sounds we make, emotions we experience are all but ENERGY in motion.

Our body is surrounded by an invisible field called the Bio-Energy Field which is commonly known as the "aura". The Bio-Energy Field supports the entire functionality of the body. The energetic aspects of the structure and function of the body along with all the feelings that we experience such as thoughts, states of consciousness, physical sensations and much more are contained and managed within the Bio-Energy Field

Unfortunately for us, our busy lives today are laden with stress, lethargy and pollution of the air, water, lifestyle and even environment. The increased exposure to electrical and artificial environments such as our smart phones, wifi, air-conditioning, television, laptops and tablets etc shows that we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields (Esmog), oxidative stress and negative frequencies that upset the natural energy balance within us. These factors upset our natural rhythm and weaken our Bio-Field leading to energy deficiency, energy blockages, and imbalance in our body which causes various discomfort, poor performance, and other disorders.

The AMPendant Universe has been energized to resonate at Zero Point Field resonance. When these products come in contact Bio-Field, our innate intelligence is able to detect the universal source of resonance and entrain to use the resonance of the products to "act” as a bridge or as an antenna to source the Universal Life Force Energy from the environment. It’s like being in a room and NOT hearing any sound, but get a radio and start tuning the channels;  now you can hear hundreds of radio channels which you couldn’t hear without the radio.

With the abundance of life force energy from the environment, the Bio-Field is able to clear its distortions and amplify the body’s ability to heal itself.



Wearing the AMPendants daily not only strengthen our Bio-Field, but also our mental, emotional and physical quantum, thereby bringing our body to equilibrium, thus relieving us of our health related issues. As it reorganizes our bio-energetic field, our body cells will receive and resonate with the zero-point energy from the pendant and channel it to the areas where it is most needed. When imbalances are cleared and energy is realigned, our body returns equilibrium.

The importance of wearing the AMPendant is because it synchronizes the Energetic Vibrations with the Heart Chakra, which is aligned with the Thymus Gland. The thymus gland builds resistances for combating diseases and helps in physical development. It plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system.

The AMPendant should be worn in a manner where the Pendant rest on the top of the Heart Chakra. This position is known as "Assemblage Point" of the energy vortex. This allows the expansion and strengthening of our Bio-Field and helps us stay "grounded".

In this position, the AMPendant maintains the optimum condition of the Heart Chakra, which in-turn supports the Thymus Gland’s optimum function.

The AMPendants are manufactured and ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion TechnologyTM(AFT), a proprietary Quantum Technology to resonate at Zero Point Field. This proprietary process includes the AMPendant going through a 21 day "charging" process in our very own vacuum chamber.

The AMPendant is encapsulated with over 14 different natural elements, like minerals, crystals, gold, copper, silver and many more. When these natural elements are energized with our Quantum Resonance Chamber, the AMPendants show a direct coherent effect on our energetic system  and helps in healing, balancing and rejuvenation.

The below image shows the difference in the energy resonance between a non-energized AMpendant and AFT Energized AMpendant.

Wearing the AMPendant, one feels the difference instantly. Some would feel an immediate increase in body temperature which is part of the balancing and rejuvenation process.

Benefits of AMPendant:-

1. Supports in sourcing the Life Force Energy, strengthening the Bio-Field to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate energy imbalance and blockages.

2. Wearing the AMPendant aligns all Chakras and allows the person to be more "Centered" and "Grounded" which results in a more confident, composed and positive personality.

3. May increase vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels, thus allowing an overall improvement to our body's well-being and productivity in all mental, emotional and physical quantum.

4. Supports the thymus gland for better immune system management.

5. Helps to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, mental weakness, uncertainty, low self-esteem and negative feelings and emotions.
May protect from harmful oxidative stress, Esmog, EMF, Radiations, Pollutions, and all other negative energies.

6. Helps to strengthen personal vibrations, identity, thought process and personality.
May enhance quality of rest and sleep. The AMPendants help our bodies relax, thus helping us to fall asleep quickly and into deeper rest during these hours.

AMPendant - Universe 


Content: 14 special "monotonic" natural elements

Energized by: AFT

Available in: Gold / Rose Gold / Silver / Black - COLORS (Plating)




Customer Reviews

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Jul 08, 2016

Love the Energy of the pendant
When I had an instant connection when I first got my pendant. I sense the energy radiating from it, when I wear it for the first time, I was shaky for about few minutes, after that I feel vitalized and energized ever since.

Catherine Summers, Glasgow, Strathclyde, GB

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Jul 07, 2016

Loving It!!!!
I bought a pair for my wife and me. Black for me and Rose Gold for my Wife. AMAZING!!!!!! ENERGY. Can feel the improvement in our energy level, more sensitive to energies, surroundings and most of all deeper sense of connection (self).

Peter M, Brisbane, Queensland, AU

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Feb 05, 2016

Happy Customer
My 4 year old son was diagnose and found to be affected with Neptune syndrome. Doctors told us that it will take 2 years or more to recover. Was given 2 years of steroid, which has a lot of side effect. Was also told he has to drink plenty of water, and my son only drinks 1 bottle of water daily. Heard about these products and decided to give a go. We purchased the AMPendant, AMWand and Bracelet for him. After 15 days using these products, my son drinks 3 bottles of water and 2 months later, he stopped all the medicines and the doctor was surprised because his condition went normal. I could be more happy and would certainly recommend these products.

Ramadurai, Singapore, Singapore, SG

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Jan 08, 2016

Love how this pendant gives me more energy, strength and balance!
The AmPendant was the first product I used and wore right away. I slept better that first night and the second day, my husband said I was not shuffling my feet any more, that I was picking my legs up better. As the month went along, I was walking stronger and farther without weakness. My health quickly improved over the next 3-4 months and I went from 60% energy to 100% energy level!

Rebecca, Sooke, BC, CA

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Dec 10, 2015

I am wearing AMpendant Universal Titanium Gold pendant and it is super
I have bought AMpendant three months back through online shopping from AMwell and as I was expecting, its a wonderful product with a rich look and all my friends envy about it.

Annalyn Guiaber , Cebu, Cebu, PH

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