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AMwand Black Tip- Multipurpose Energy Healing Tool

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The AMWand BlackTip is the World Famous pen-shaped energy healing/wellness tool that resonates at Zero Point Life Force Energy Field. When rotated clockwise above or pointed at various parts of our body (animals/pets), it can help in energy cleansing, dislodge energetic blockages, recharge and rejuvenate our body. The AMWand is also a great multi-purpose energy tool to ENERGIZE food, water, environment, and plants.

The AMWand BlackTip is patented, designed and manufactured with AMized Fusion Technology(AFT), a proprietary quantum technology to resonate at Zero Point Life Force Energy Resonance. Engineered with special minerals and crystals, the AMWand BlackTip creates a long lasting AMized resonance that brings balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

AMWand BlackTip contains over 14 granulated minerals and crystals including gold, copper, silver and diamond dust which are "vacuum charged" for 21 days in an AFT Vacuum Chamber. AMWand BlackTip also known as Amega AMwand is manufactured by Amega Global with the highest standard.


  1. Assists in relieve fatigue, stress, and tiredness
  2. Assists in energy cleansing, healing and energy balancing
  3. Supports body, mind and spirit alignment
  4. May relieve pains, aches, discomfort, and ailments
  5. May Increase vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels
  6. Assists in clearing negative energies and energetic blockages
  7. May Increase effectiveness of body and skin care products
  8. May Increase potency of the minerals and vitamins in the food we eat and the water we drink
  9. Supports us to go in deep relaxation and meditative state

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The World Famous AMWand - Zero Point Energy Healing Tools


The AMWand is made up of a special  combination of 14 granulated minerals and crystals, energized using  our own proprietary technology AMized Fusion to resonate at Zero Point Field. These monatomic crystals and minerals are encapsulated in a stainless steel pen-sized casing and "vacuum charged" to resonate at Zero Point Field. 


Your Bio-Energy Field is an energetic matrix that forms as a "skin" of your inner energy bodies and surrounds your outer physical body in all directions. Your Bio-Field interacts with everything in and around you. It reacts to your every thought, word, feeling, choice, and action instantly and is electromagnetic and interpenetrates your physical body with energy. It directly links the cellular activity with the meridian pathways.This energetic field is like a superhighway that allows the DNA in our cells to communicate faster than light and maintain a coherent holistic intelligence in the organism. 


This Bio-Field is self-organizing, self-directed intelligent system, that directs the information and energy flow that is crucial to the genetic, chemical and physiological process of the body.  

When the Bio-Field is distorted or damaged it is not able to function at optimum conditions and therefore not able to source the natural life-giving energy that our body is starving for. When these conditions continue, the Bio-Field distortions and disruptions can manifest as outer illness and diseases.

When AMWand is being used, our Bio-Field's innate intelligence is able to detect the Universal Life Force Energy and use the resonance of the AMWand to "act" as a bridge or as an antenna to source the Universal Life Force Energy from the environment.

With this sourced Energy from the environment, the Bio-Field is able to correct its distortions and restore to its balanced state. When the Bio-field is restored and balanced, the Life Force Energy will be channeled into the body and therefore:-

  • Increases the energetic resonance of all atoms, thereby empowering the cells to function at optimum performance in the areas of cellular cleansing, rejuvenation, and revitalization.

  • Activates connects and optimizes  all the major energy centers,  creating a better flow of energy throughout the body.

  • Activates all major glands in our body that are connected by the endocrine system. This will optimize the secretion of vital hormones and enzymes.

  • Aligns our physical, mental and emotional state  bringing about the homeostasis (an optimized, balanced state of the human body). 

AMWand not just only supports healing alone, but empowers your energy and enhances your energetic performance also. It expands your intuitiveness,  creativeness, emotional stability, mental awareness, memory, critical thinking, decision-making and stress management abilities. The AMWand enhances your ability to BE in an optimum balanced state all the times.

AMWand  Benefits:

  1. Assists  in Energy center alignment, Energy cleansing and imbalance

  2. Assists  in relief from pain, aches and tiredness

  3. May increase  vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels

  4. Assists in speedy recovery and healing

  5. Help to reduce stress, eliminate depression and dis-empowering programs

  6. May increase  effectiveness of body and skin care products through better absorption into the body

  7. May increase the potency of the minerals and vitamins in the food we eat and the water we drink

  8. Helps to relieve aches, supplement energy deficiency in all animals and pets, infuse our plants with more energy and help them grow faster and stronger.

  9. Helps us get into deep relaxation and meditative state

  10. Helps in anti-aging, facial sculpting, toning, and skin rejuvenation


How to Use  the AMWand: WANDING

Point to the person, animal, affected area or food and rotate clockwise in even, rhythmic circles for any number of seconds or minutes. This action of rotating your wand in a clockwise direction is called "Wanding". Wanding creates an implosive unilateral flow of energy vortex to clear all energetic blockages in our body. For best results, point the AMWand as close as possible, it is also OK to touch the affected area and rub with the tip of the wand in circles.

8 Point Energy Centre Wanding:- Have yourself or the people sit with eyes closed, hands wide apart and relaxed. Hold the AMWand in one hand and rotate the AMWand accordingly for several seconds/minutes (Eg, 9 times, 18 times, 27 times, 36 times.)



After completing the above, you can continue to release any blocked energy by following these steps: -

Step 1: Place the tip of the AMWand against your fingertips and apply slight pressure while making 3
circles as you "flick" the AMWand tip out. Continue with all the fingers.

Step 2: Place the tip of the AMWand against the tip of your toes and apply slight pressure while making 3
circles and "flicking" the AMWand tip outwards. Continue with all the toes.


After completing the above, you can continue to wand yourself or others in the areas which may require special attention. It could be an area of discomfort or pain where you would like to find relief or an area in your body that you want to improve and strengthen. Use the AMWand and point the tip at the related area. Rotate clockwise for several minutes (eg: 1 minute, 3 minutes). It is advisable to apply the AmWell Therapeutic Oil on the area before wanding to enhance the results of the wanding.


Follow a Meridian Point Chart that details the various meridian points in the body. Point the AMWand and "wand" clockwise for several minutes on the various points while applying slight pressure.

Points to note:


  • Make sure the person who is receiving the therapy keeps the eyes closed all the times during the healing session.

  • Avoid any conversation during healing session.

  • Facilitator & the person being wanded MUST keep the attention on their breathing during healing.

  • At the end of the session, get the person being wanded to open their eyes and move slowly (avoid any sudden movement after healing)

  • Do not cross your hands or legs. If possible, remove footwear and keep your feet flat on the ground.

  • Keep mobile phones, laptops, and any other electronics equipment far away from the healing session.

  • Healing yields best result when the person being wanded is lying down on his/her back.

  • The person being wanded has to drink a glass of water (preferably energized water) before healing session.

  • Most discomfort is created over the years, and may require multiple healing sessions. In such cases, continue for several days, and measure the results.

Wanding/Healing of Animals


Follow the steps listed above. However, do note that animal chakra points vary
and are different from human chakra points. Refer to picture on the right for
the correct points.

  • Get Animal to lie down comfortably.

  • Put a cloth over the eyes to keep the animal calm.

  • Point the wand and rotate clockwise for several minutes.




Wanding Plants/Foods/Places

Point the wand and rotate clockwise for several minutes.

Customer Reviews

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Aug 04, 2016

Excellent Healing Tool
Being an energy healer, I love this tool. It helps to cleanse the negative energy, balance and rejuvenate. I have help so many people with this Wand. I am Amazed!!!

Judy Macby, Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

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Jul 08, 2016

The Amwand BlackTip is Amazing!!!!! As an Energy Healer, this tools creates the best ever results. I see cleansing, healing and spiritual enhancement in my clients. The results are equally excellent on animals too.

Charles Livinston, Phoenix, AZ, US

92 of 189 people found this review helpful.   Was this review helpful? [ Yes ] [ No ]

Jan 15, 2016

A miraculous healing Tool
I've used the AMwand for over two years, and it proved to be very effective on all types of ailments and pains.

chokri , Ras Alkhaimah, Ras Alkhaimah, AE

154 of 303 people found this review helpful.   Was this review helpful? [ Yes ] [ No ]

Dec 09, 2015

AMwand Blacktip is a wonderful product from AMwell Technologies
I have used this product personally whenever I have headache or fatigue. AMwand Blacktip has really worked like a magic and am so happy about it.


156 of 324 people found this review helpful.   Was this review helpful? [ Yes ] [ No ]


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